5-6 July, NEC, Birmingham

Green Seminar

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Day One - 5 July
What is the best use of biogas?

11.00 – 11.55

What is the best use of biogas for the UK over the short, medium and long term? Transport, heating or CHP?


  • Simon Farris, Renewable Energy Opportunities Manager, Severn Trent
  • Will Llewellyn, Director, Red Kite Management
  • James Lloyd, Group CEO, BioWatt
  • Grant Ashton, CEO, GGT Green Gas Trading

Digestate quality

12.00 – 12.55

Digestate quality is paramount, so how can we ensure a top-quality product is delivered, and how best can it be used?


  • Chair: David Tompkins, Bioresources Development Manager at Aqua Enviro
  • Simon Black, Head of Recycling Environmental Services, Anglian Water Group (tbc)
  • Will McManus, Organics Sector Specialist, WRAP
  • Kate Lister, Head of Compliance, Biogen UK tbc

How to engage the general public with AD

13.00– 13.55

How to engage the general public with AD

Does the average person on the street know what AD is? How can we adapt messaging to make AD more accessible? Will a better public and media understanding of AD help to ensure more success in planning permission?


  • Chair: Richard Barker, Adviser and Investment Committee Member, Iona Capital
  • Nina Sweet, Special Adviser at WRAP
  • Chris Noyce, PR & Parliamentary Affairs Executive, ADBA
  • A representative from GENeco
  • Angela Bywater, BBSRC NIBB AD Network Manager, University of Southampton

Process Upgrading and Purification

14.00 – 14.55

  • Chair: Susnata Samanta, Senior Application Scientist, Cabot Norit Activated Carbon

How to improve efficiency and reduce siloxane removal costs


  • Speaker: Susnata Samanta, Senior Application Scientist, Cabot Norit Activated Carbon
  • Daniel Galloway, Process Chemist, Veolia UK
  • Olaf Mueller, VP Filtration Solutions, Pentair Inc. tbc

Making finances and incentives work for you

15.00 – 15.55

What will funders be looking for when considering investments in AD? And how is the changing financial incentives landscape impacting on the financing of project?

This panel discusses the opportunities and challenges of the finance community and its customers.



  • Chair: Bruce Nelson, Director Renewable Energy, Compass Business Finance

How to best prepare financially for an AD project


  • Phil Gerrard, Chief Executive, Privilege Holdings
  • Ian Allder, Director Specialist Sectors, Lombard North Central Plc

Landfill gas

16.00 – 16.55

With the environmental threat it poses to adjoining soil and groundwater, capturing methane gas from landfills is essential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This panel will explore the most efficient ways to recapture methane whilst analysing the scale of the problems and opportunities in this market.


  • Landfillgas upgrading solution

Speaker: Mathieu Lefebvre, Président Directeur Général, WAGA-ENERGY


Other speakers include:

  • A representative from Exxon Mobil
  • Prof Joseph Akunna, Professor of Water & Environmental Engineering, Abertay University, tbc

End of Day One
Day Two - 6 July
Integrating AD into the food & drink industry

10.00 – 10.55

Forward thinkers in the food and drink industry have embraced AD, but how much more can the food and drink industry do to improve their environmental performance and produce energy for on-site use?


  • Chair: Richard Gueterbock, Marketing Director, Clearfleau
  • Ryland Cairns, Environment Manager, Muntons
  • Association Technique Energie Environnement – ATEE, tbc
  • Danny Starkings, Wastewater Chemistry and Engineering Laboratory Technician, Unilever tbc

How to get the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) working for you

11.00 – 11.55

2017 will see some changes to the RTFO, what should we expect, and how can we make the best of it?


  • Chair: Thom Koller, Policy Officer, ADBA
  • Michael McCann, Process Engineer, Ramboll Energy Sweden
  • George Trowbridge, GGT Green Gas Trading
  • Tom Lamy, Product & Sourcing Manager – Natural Gas & Biomethane, BOC

Finding practical usage of heat:

12.00 – 12.55

With the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for biogas heat due to be increased in the UK with new legislation, the panel will discuss how best this can be used both the UK and abroad.


  • Chair: Ollie More, Head of Policy, ADBA
  • Dottore Tiziano Bonato, Società Estense Servizi Ambientali, SESA, Italy
  • Jonathan Graham, Head of Policy, Association for Decentralised Energy ADE
  • A representative of the HNIP team in BEIS
  • Paul Kenward, Managing Director, AB sugar, tbc

Health and Safety

13.00 – 13.55

Safety is of course paramount to operations and needs to be given the highest priority. How is the industry performing and what more can be done to improve the health and safety performance of AD?


  • Chair: Jess Allan, Environment and Regulation Manager, ADBA


  • Creating a health and safety culture

Speaker: Ryland Cairns, Environment Manager, Muntons Plc


  • Biogas safety

Speaker: David Woolgar, Former Director of Engineering, Biogen

  • Prof Maria Loizidou, Head of the Unit of Environmental Science and Technology, National Technical University of Athens
  • Gavin Dearsley, Risk Management Adviser, Alan Boswell Group

Growing crops for AD

14.00 – 14.55

Which crops should you choose, when growing them for AD? And what are the geographical factors to be taken into account?



  • Benefits and potential issues of digesting different crop materials”

There are many reasons for selecting different crops for AD, but digester palatability is often overlooked, to the detriment of the plant’s productivity. Each crop type has its own unique profile of physical and chemical parameters which need to be taken into consideration when committing to a harvest. This session will cover the key process considerations of some of the most commonly grown crops for AD

Speaker: Adrian Rochefort, Account Manager (FM BioEnergy), ForFarmers


  • All the benefits of the correct cropping solutions for biogas production”

The benefits to production, agronomy, rotation, soil health and the environment of a range of crops suitable for biogas production will be discussed to enable growers to make the correct cropping choices to meet their needs.

Speaker: David Rhodes, Technical Manager, DLF Seed


Other speakers include:

  • Dottore Tiziano Bonato, Società Estense Servizi Ambientali , SESA, Italy
  • Simon Draper, MGA Agronomist, Maize Growers Association

On site monitoring and analysis

15.00 – 15.55

The list of potential parameters to measure and analyse on an AD plant is huge. How can operators make sense of it all? This panel considers what to focus on and why these are important for the business.


  • Naser Odeh, Principal Consultant, Ricardo Energy and Environment
  • Antony Yousefian, Director, UK, 30 MHz (UK)

End of Day Two

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