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ADBA National Conference Programme, 7th December 2017

Optimising the AD industry to reduce emissions through the 2020s.

08.45-09.30  –  Registration and networking

09.30-09.40  –  Welcome and introductions

  • Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, ADBA

09.40-10.00  –  Keynote: Meeting our greenhouse gas emissions targets

  • The Rt Hon. the Lord Deben, Chairman, Committee on Climate Change (CCC)

Following the Government’s adoption of the CCC’s recommendations on the 5th Carbon Budget, Lord Deben will deliver his analysis of the next steps, including the policy measures that the Government will need to adopt to meet its greenhouse gas emissions targets.

10.00-10.30  –  Keynote: RHI Update

  • Dr Oliver Quast, Head of Market Intelligence, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS)

Dr Quast will update us on RHI policy changes, help us understand how to navigate the system and introduce the Government’s Clean Growth Plan.

Questions and comments from the floor

10.30   10.50 – Liberate more Biogas now!

  • Stephen Roe, CEO, Advanced Microwave Technology, AMT

Microwaves can dramatically improve Biogas yield by rapidly breaking down materials at a cellular level prior to the AD process. Stephen Roe will present the findings of recent trials on four popular feedstocks and how these results could revolutionise the industry with higher yields and shorter retention times. Stephen will also make the business case for the use of microwave technology, looking at the ROI for a range of AD plants, and at how marginal AD projects could become viable using AMT’s microwave pre-treatment.

Questions and comments from the floor

10.50 – 11.20  –  Break & exhibition

11.20-12.40  –  Post-Brexit on-farm AD

Can farming and energy policy be coordinated post-Brexit? With the UK and EU deep in negotiations on a new deal for 2019, the UK will soon be making decisions on how it should support farmers once payments from the Common Agricultural Policy end. AD offers the Government the chance to stabilise farm incomes, cut greenhouse gases and improve energy security. Will it take this opportunity?


  • Chair: Charlotte Smith, Presenter, BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today and BBC1’s Countryfile
  • Ollie More, Head of Policy, ADBA

  • Chris Huhne, Strategic Adviser, ADBA 

  • Guy Smith, Vice President, National Farmers Union

  • Dr David Kaner, Chief Executive, Advance Anaerobics

Questions and comments from the floor

12.40-13.00  – Keynote: A government perspective on food waste recycling

  • Professor Ian Lamont Boyd FSB FRSE, Chief Scientific Adviser, Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs 

13.00-14.00  – Lunch & exhibition

Session 1:

14.00-15.30  –  Anaerobic Digestion Certification Scheme launch

This session will discuss the launch of the pilot of ADBA’s Anaerobic Digestion Certification Scheme, a pioneering, industry-led scheme designed to improve the environmental, operational and safety performance of the AD industry. Hear from some of those involved in developing the scheme, who will explain why the scheme is so important and how AD operators can benefit from participating.


  • Chair: Jess Allan, Environment and Regulation Manager, ADBA

  • Dr Amaya Arias-Garcia, Technical Director, GOALS PME

  • Nick Johnn, Director, Aardvark Certification Ltd

  • Carl Gurney, Renewable Energy Director, Jelf Insurance and Risk Management Brokers
  • Judy Proctor, Deputy Director Waste Regulation, Environment Agency

  • Susan Relf, Compliance Director, Agrivert 

Questions and comments from the floor

Session 2:

14.00-15.30  –  Which gas is best for injection into the UK gas grid?

Whilst biomethane is already recognised as an ideal gas for injection, there are questions over whether hydrogen could form part of the mix, or even whether the grid needs to be converted to take only hydrogen. But what would be best in the long run?


  • Chair: Dr Alan Whitehead MP, Shadow Minister, Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy, Energy & Climate Change
  • George Trowbridge, Scheme Manager, Green Gas Trading
  • Professor Richard Dinsdale, Professor of Sustainable Environmental Systems, Faculty of Computing, Engineering and Science, University of South Wales 
  • Alan Midwinter, Senior Business Development Manager, Scotia Gas Networks (SGN)
  • Philipp Lukas, Managing Director, Future Biogas
  • David Parkin, Director of Safety and Network Strategy, Cadent Gas

Questions and comments from the floor

15.30-16.00  –  Break & exhibition

Session 3:

16.00-17.30  –  What are the most effective food waste collection systems, and what can we learn from them?

Local authorities from all four nations of the UK that have successfully implemented food waste collection systems will discuss the associated benefits and challenges, with a focus on the changes required for all local authorities to follow suit.


    • Chair: Councillor Clyde Loakes, Waltham Forest Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Environment and Chair of Resource London
    • Linda Crichton, Head of Resource Management, WRAP
    • Adrian Bond, Recycling Programme Manager, Zero Waste Scotland
    • Andrew Wilkinson, Head of Neighbourhood Service, Conwy Council
    • Martin Doherty, Project Manager, Belfast City Council

    Questions and comments from the floor

Session 4:

16.00-17.30  – The role of AD in decarbonising transport

While progress on transport decarbonisation has been slow to date, Department for Transport has proposed amendments to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation that will increase the proportion of renewable fuel in the UK from 4.75% to 9.75% by 2020 and further to 12.4% by 2032. They are also introducing a new obligation on fuel suppliers to reduce the overall greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions of the fuel they supply. Join us in this session to learn about these policy changes, the low carbon credentials of the fuel and hear about the business case from those in the know.


  • Chair: Andrew Whittles, Managing Director, Low Emission Strategies

  • Justin Laney, General Manager, Central Transport, John Lewis Partnership

  • Andy Eastlake, Managing Director, LowCVP

  • Dominic Schofied, Managing Director, Mint Green Sustainability

  • Dr Gregory Krupnikovs, Director, Rika biofuels

Questions and comments from the floor

17.30  –  Conference finish

17.30  –  19:00  –  Networking drinks

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