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The next 10 years are our most critical to act against the climate crisis, and AD can be rolled out now to cut emissions in some of the hardest to decarbonise sectors of our economy.

Agenda outline. This programme is subject to change.

08:30          Registration, coffee and networking

09:30       The Essential Role of AD in Achieving Net Zero: The Future is NOW!

Welcome and introduction, Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive, Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA)

09:40        Delivering AD’s Full Potential in the Climate Decade

Opening keynote: Rebecca Thompson, Senior Policy Manager, Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA)

With AD closing the loop and transforming our linear economy to a circular one, organic residues will be treated as the valuable resources they are rather than as a wastes and the emissions from these residues will be captured and utilised. The technology also recovers nutrients back to our depleted soils, improving resilience to climate change and improving carbon sequestration. The CCC has identified biomethane as a low regret option in the transition to a Net Zero economy, and this keynote address will set out AD’s full potential to deliver against the UK’s climate targets.

10:00         Achieving NET ZERO: AD’s Role in Farming’s 2040 goal

Keynote: Stuart Roberts, Vice President, National Farmers Union (NFU)

The NFU, representing British farming, has set 2040 as the goal for achieving climate neutral farming. Their recent report, “Achieving Net Zero: Farming’s 2040 Goal” sets out three main pillars for delivering this. Vice President Stuart Roberts will discuss the Role of AD in “boosting renewable energy and the wider bio-economy”

10:30     Discussing separate food waste collections, and how biogas and biomethane can be utilised by local authorities.

Keynote: Hilary Tanner, Policy Adviser, Local Governments Association (LGA)

10:50      Coffee break, exhibition and networking

A chance to network and speak to the exhibitors

11:20          Panel Session 1: Enabling AD’s central role in achieving Net Zero. 

AD is the resource recovery factory that can meet our immediate need to cut emissions in the hardest-to-decarbonise sectors of transport, heat and agriculture, and save our soil. It also stands ready to deliver the carbon-neutral materials we will need in the decades to come. This panel of industry experts considers the importance of AD in realising a circular economy and its fundamental role in achieving Net Zero.

Dr. Keith Simons (Chair), Principal Scientist, SHV Energy

Andy Griffiths, Head of Value Chain Sustainability (UK), Nestle

Keith Warburton,  Decarbonisation Development Manager, Wales & West Utilities

Angie Bywater, BBSRC EBNET-NIBB Co-Manager, University of Southampton

Patrick Ottersbach, Managing Director, Macquarie Principal Finance

12:30          Lunch break, exhibition and networking

13:30         In conversation with Chris Stark, Chief Executive, CCC: Addressing some of the key issues likely to arise after the election… 

14:00          Panel Session 2: AD’s role in farming’s Net Zero future.

Farmers can embrace AD to reduce their carbon footprint and help the UK achieve its Net Zero goal. This panel of farming experts will address on-farm AD, and its contribution to the Net Zero future, with particular reference to the recent NFU report.

Olivia Midgely (Chair), News Editor, Farmers Guardian

Rebecca ThompsonSenior Policy Manager, Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association

Jonathan Scurlock, Chief Advisor -Renewable Energy, NFU

Cath Crowther, Eastern Director, CLA

Alister Veitch, Head of Business Development, Marches Biogas

14:00          Panel Session 3: Delivering sustainable transport and heat with AD

How would such an infrastructure look and work? Following the EU directive on green refuelling stations, where does AD fit into this? Our expert panel will address this challenging topic.

David Hurren (Chair), CEO, Air Liquide

Peter Anderberg, Founder, Nordic Heat – The Smart City Alliance

Dr. Thom Koller, Gas Policy Manager, Energy Networks Association (ENA)

Philip Fjeld, CEO, CNG Fuels

15:30          Coffee break

A chance to network and speak to the exhibitors

16:00          Panel Session 4: Digestates: land-banking; contamination; commercial potential

As the AD industry grows, so does the need to find a viable use for digestate. The digestate panel will be considering  the key issues and challenges relating to this.

Amaya Arias-Garcia (Chair) , Engineering Design Manager, Suez
Dr Jane Gilbert, Carbon Clarity
James Astor, Chairman, Regen Holdings / Whites Recycling

Louise Hall, Project Manager and Dr. Claudio Fuentes Grünewald, Swansea University

16:00          Panel Session 5: End of Life: Rebuilding, renewing, replacing – what is financially viable?

What is the impact of equipment replacement on FIT entitlement? As the industry consolidates, can independent operators flourish without government support? This panel will look at various aspects of End of Life and endeavour to sketch a roadmap for the future.

William Mezzullo (Chair), Head of JLEN AD, Foresight Group

Phil Gerrard, CEO, Privilege Project Finance

Carl Gurney, Renewable Energy Director, Jelf

Daniel Scheven, MD & Co-Founder, AcrEnergy

17:30          End of conference

17:30          Please join us for drinks reception and networking

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