Best Sewage Treatment AD plant UK *NEW*

This award will be given to the best AD plant of any size located in the UK treating sewage sludge.

Nominees will be judged by reference to the following information:

  • Summary of the project including the feedstock, outputs and main technologies used, an outline of the utility business as well as the objectives and criteria for success
  • How the project has achieved the objectives outlined above
  • Any challenges/issues faced in project delivery and how they were overcome
  • Evidence and data demonstrating the efficiency of all aspects of the plant, including pre-treatment processes, digester performance and output processes, including carbon and cost savings for the project and business, and how this project makes best use of the feedstocks and all products produced by the plant
  • The benefits the project has delivered with particular emphasis on financial, environmental and biodiversity benefits, evidenced with relevant before and after data
  • Why this plant is better than other sewage treatment AD plants to justify winning this award

Who should enter?

Water utilities, designers, builders, developers and operators of AD plants, technology and equipment suppliers, consultants.

Rules for entry

  • Entries open for AD plants treating sewage sludge located in the UK only
  • Entries should be no longer than 1,500 words with no more than 4 x A4 pages of supporting information

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Qila Energy

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