Making the most of digestate

This award will be given to the business, service, project, innovation or product that has demonstrated the greatest level of innovation or market development in the production, treatment or use of digestate from anaerobic digestion and/or the development of markets to realise the value of digestate.

As a nominee you will be judged by reference to the following information:

  • Stated objectives
  • A summary of the business, service, project, innovation or product detailing what has been achieved
  • How this has reduced the use of non-renewable fertilisers and any other benefits achieved, together with before and after data/information
  • A description of how nutrient loading to local soils has been reduced or optimised, and how soil and water health has been increased
  • The price/ton of digestate that you have been able to get customers to pay
  • How the business, service, project, innovation or product and/or market development has maximised the value of the digestate produced with particular emphasis on financial and environmental benefits, supported by data/information comparing achievements against objectives

Who should enter?

Digestate treatment solutions providers, technology or equipment manufacturers and suppliers, water utilities, AD operators, developers, consultants, farmers, food & drink industry businesses, spreader suppliers, researchers.

Rules for entry

  • Entries open to UK and international entities
  • Entries should be no longer than 1500 words with no more than 4 x A4 pages of supporting information

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