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ENGIE is a leading energy and services Group employing 17,000 people in the UK across three main areas: generation and supply of energy, management of facilities and regeneration of places and communities.  As a leader in the energy revolution, ENGIE offers a comprehensive range of green mobility solutions that transform the way energy is used. Improving air quality and encouraging the use of sustainable fuels are some of the key measures of ENGIE’s green mobility programme. – See more at:

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Gas Alliance Group

If you want a practical, cost effective solution to your local Air Quality that also achieves a Zero Well to Wheel CO2e footprint then forget Electric, Hydrogen, Hybrid, and take a look at a Gas Alliance Biomethane solution Gas Alliance will supply 100% Biomethane from Waste Food, design & build your Gas Station, provide all necessary HSE requirements and at no Capital cost to you the Operator. To date we have built 6 Gas Stations which have removed in excess of 23 million kgs of CO2 from the UK environment and reduced NOx and Particulates by 93%.

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Scotia Gas Networks

With a significant track record in the biomethane gas to grid market, SGN Commercial Services is part of the SGN group which operates two of the UK’s largest gas networks. Since 2009, we’ve led the development of the UK’s first commercial biomethane plant at Poundbury and built and commissioned Scotland’s first biomethane development.

As well as grid entry for the UK’s largest biomethane development, we’ve continued to innovate by:

  • Designing, developing and constructing the country’s first gas blending and compressed biomethane injection facility
  • Developing biomethane virtual pipeline technology
  • Building and commissioning gas upgrader systems from many different suppliers
  • Continuing to grow understanding of integration and utilisation issues.

We’re ideally placed to grow our capacity in renewable developments, delivering low carbon solutions that secure a sustainable and brighter future for all.

For more information about the financial, operational and environmental benefits of partnering with us on your project, email us at:

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