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Industry stakeholders from across the biogas and transport sectors will debate:

  • How to get the RTFO working for you

    Compared to other biofuels there have been relatively low levels of biomethane supplied under the RTFO. One reason for this is that the Renewable Heat Incentive provided a higher return on investment – but times may be changing. Hear how to trade Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates and get the maximum revenue from your gas.

  • The future of biomethane

    Changes to the RTFO and how they will create a positive investment environment for biofuels beyond 2020. Find out whether reform will encourage the development of waste-based fuel and support further advanced transport fuels such as biomethane.

  • The role of biofuels in the UK Government’s Clean Air Strategy

    Lower emissions from biomethane buses mean they can play a crucial role in reducing air pollution and improving human health. Understand how local authorities that adopt biomethane as a transport fuel can lower GHG emissions and improve air quality by discovering the new ranges of gas buses and refuse collection vehicles.

  • Stimulating the biomethane-powered HGV market

    Discuss the latest gas-powered vehicle technologies from refuelling infrastructure to the dozens of new vehicles being developed. Debate if and how a reformed and more progressive RTFO will help.

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