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Jürgen Kube pic


Dr.-Ing. Process Engineer

Jürgen is Future Biogas’s Head of technology and responsible for the process design and technology selection in the company.

He has 10 years’ experience in the AD-industry and a broad knowledge in biological reaction kinetics, process control, rheological behaviour of fluids in AD-plants and upgrading technology. Relevant project roles have been process design, equipment selection, preparation and evaluation of tender documents, and supervising the design of large-scale biogas plants.

Before joining Future Biogas, Jürgen worked as head of product management for Agraferm Technologies AG, as German-based technology provider for industrial, agricultural and waste AD-plants. He is inventor in 6 patents covering stirring technology, trace element supply under anaerobic conditions, solving foaming problems, agricultural waste fermentation, gas dome management, and mathematical optimization of gas upgrading units.

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