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Time left to buy tickets!

Type of ticketEarly Bird rate - Ended 23 December 2017Normal rate - Valid from 24 December onwards
ADBA Member ticket£140.00 + VAT£190.00 + VAT
3 for 2 ADBA Member ticket£280.00 + VAT£380.00 + VAT
Non-member ticket£200.00 + VAT£250.00 + VAT
3 for 2 Non-member ticket£400.00 + VAT£500.00 + VAT
Local authority ticketN/A£99.00 + VAT
3 for 2 Local authority ticketN/A£198.00 + VAT

The Event Pass Features:

  • Access to all conference sessions and networking areas.
  • Ability to receive a copy of presentations and share your learning with your peers.
  • Complimentary copy of the conference report highlighting key learning points from discussions (if applicable).
  • Essential guide.
  • Ability to receive the full market report and keep your finger on the pulse of your industry.

*Please note Eventbrite fees apply to all ticket prices above.

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