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AB Systems provides nationwide contracting services and supply. Flexible sealed storage for all forages, cereals and biomass, providing best quality forage in all circumstances, used for drying and composting.

Aquabio is a European Leader in the treatment and energy recovery of industrial water, wastewater reuse and Air filtration. With significant references across the UK in industrial markets, Aquabio are able to provide sustainable and economical turnkey solutions in waste to energy, water recycling and water reuse projects encompassing both anaerobic (AD) and aerobic systems. Aquabio are owned by Freudenberg, a multi-national technology development and manufacturing organisation.
Aquabio provide turnkey packaged solutions for design, build, finance and operation. With a strong customer focus, Aquabio’s process led philosophy ensures that the most appropriate and value lead technology is identified for each unique application.
Clayton Hall Farm

Inventor, manufacturer, supplier of Open Sesame®; a biological additive increasing the digestion of fibre. No capital costs/pre-treatment just continue your current feeding routine. Results have increased biogas c.30% and halved digestion times.  Therefore benefits are 25% less feedstock and 25% less digestate, which is smooth thus reducing storage/wear and tear costs. Please visit our stand to discuss further opportunities which ensue from changes to farming/AD practices. We have hands-on experience from our own farm/AD plant.

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EMS Industries Ltd

EMS Industries was first established in 1995, by it’s three founders John Nash, David Bates and Chris Melvin. Together they built the business up by first starting in garages used as their workshops and offices, over many years the business has successfully grown its reputation and client base into the brand it is today. A friendly, quality and customer driven company which today offers the best products and services in the ram pump manufacturers industry supplying to the waste water and the food waste (Bio-gas) industry.

We provide a variety of pumps with a range of different sizes that ensure the best solution for your requirements, we do our very best when is comes to ensuring quality, durability and performance of our products and this is what has made our brand and product strong.

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Hidrostal Ltd

Hidrostal Ltd are manufacturers of sludge tank mixing and re-circulation pumps to the Anaerobic Digestion & Biogas industry.  The geometry of the Hidrostal screw centrifugal impeller with its large free ball passage is ideally suited for pumping sludges and liquors with unpredictable content.   The steep and stable pump curves ensure minimum flow variations when fluctuations occur in delivery head.

Hidrostal pumps are manufactured with chrome steel impellers and hidrohard liners.  These materials are ideally suited to the environment as they are both corrosion and abrasion resistant.  Both the mixers and the recirculation pumps use regulable liners making efficiency and performance restoration on site a possibility.  The efficiency is further improved due to the utilisation of I3 and IE4 TEFC motor technologies.

Hidrostal’s end suction bearing frame pumps are externally mounted thus easily accessible and maintainable, ensuring servicing is trouble free.  The mixer system is also available as an offsite manufactured module.

Hidrostal pumps have longevity at their core. They have been proven to last twice as long as comparable pumps in a similar application.

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Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, INSPECTAHIRE is one of the leading suppliers of specialist remote visual inspection technology and solutions to companies around the world. Inspectahire has a large range of technology in their portfolio as well as significant experience in successfully carrying out specialist inspections. Services include equipment rental, contracting and project engineering. Utilising the latest technology, alongside three decades of experience, they can determine the condition of a wide variety of sites. If any irregularities or deformations / damage are apparent they will be identified and located. The company is a Distributor for EMEA, and an owner / operator of the equipment and an authorised Training Company for FLIR OGI equipment.

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Landia, suppliers to Anaerobic Digestion, Aquaculture, Waste Water, Food Production, Leachate Treatment and Agriculture. Manufacturers of pumping and mixing systems for difficult mediums including the patented Landia Gas-Mix digester mixing system, also aeration, Cat 3 pasteurisation and ensiling units for animal bi-product applications. Individual units to complete systems and projects undertaken from consultation, design, manufacture, installation commissioning and aftersales service, backed up from our UK base with a fleet of service vehicles and over half a million pounds of spare parts in UK stock.


Open Energi is an energy tech company which optimises AD plants to increase income and improve asset performance. Our Dynamic Demand 2.0 platform automates and optimises assets to stack revenue streams across energy markets in real-time. Over the last seven years we have connected over 3,500 assets at over 400 sites, reliably and safely helping businesses to control how they use, store and generate electricity to reduce costs, earn revenue and create a more sustainable energy future.

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Vogelsang are suppliers of rotary lobe pumps, inline RotaCut macerators, digester feed equipment and systems for applying digestate to the land as a biofertiliser. All sales, spares and after sales support is coordinated from a facility in Crewe which is equipped with a comprehensive spares store and a repair workshop.

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