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Deborah Neely

– Honours Degree in Environmental Science
– Post Graduate Diploma in Agricultural Science
– FACTS Qualified Certificate No. FE/2533
– Member of The Chartered Institute of Waste Management
– Chartered Environmentalist

Deborah Neely has 23 years experience in the waste industry. During this time she has been involved in recycling and marketing various by-products and products to agricultural land and sites requiring restoration. The aim with each material is to gain a sustainable and reputable market for each material and reduce costs to a minimum through knowledge of outlets and provision of a professional service.

Deborah is a chartered environmentalist, qualified in Environmental and Agricultural Science who owns a successful environmental consultancy. This includes a comprehensive knowledge of in vessel composting and anaerobic digestion processes.
Deborah is proficient in the treatment and beneficial use of organic products in agriculture and brownfield sites and has led several, government funded, research projects on these subjects. Over the years she has become well versed in the legislation and operational aspects of this field. Her skills as a qualified agronomist has been well utilised by the industry.

Her abilities as a qualified internal auditor for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 has brought added value. She is a member of the Chartered Industry for Waste Management and Vice chair of the Renewable Energy Association for Scotland.

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