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UK AD & Biogas Awards 2016
The VOX Conference Centre Birmingham
©Steve Pope Fotowales

In 1975, Methanogen’s director James Murcott co-founded Farmgas, the UK’s largest AD company at the time. Since then, he has been involved in more than 110 UK sewage, farm and abattoir digester installations, with an estimated total of more than 500 years’ operating time.

He designed the UK’s first rotary valve for sequential unconfined gas mixing, variations on which are now commonly used in the industry. His company WRI created a market for their award-winning AD compost, largely driven by his fundamental belief that AD is the best nutrient recycling technology. The first plant designed with a low parasitic load, controlled stratified gas mixing system with automated de-gritting has been continuously running for more than 8 years, demonstrating that a digester no longer needs to be shut down for de-gritting purposes, no matter what the feedstock. His latest designs include a range of micro-scale digesters, ranging from .2m3 to 20m3.

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