Executive team

Charlotte Morton, Chief Executive 


A practising lawyer for 10 years, Charlotte Morton studied for her MBA at London Business School before setting up a car club business. Asked to establish the business side of ADBA in 2009, she saw the potential of an industry that can deliver huge value to the UK. But she didn’t stop there. In 2016, she played a pivotal role in establishing the World Biogas Association to promote and increase the rate of uptake of biogas globally – she sees biogas as having an even bigger potential on a global scale, especially as the world takes on achieving the Paris Agreement climate change targets and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Charlotte is also on the board of Green Gas Trading Ltd, which runs the Biomethane Certification Scheme.

Reason why you work at ADBA?  

"We can help support climate smart farming, reduce how much food we waste and make the most of what we do, reduce GHG emissions from organic wastes and commercial fertilisers, help address energy security, recycle the nutrients vital to our food production into biofertilisers and generate a constant supply of renewable energy."


Ellis Owen, Deputy Sales Manager

Ellis supports members and non-members with creating bespoke solutions in order to grow their business and to ensure they have the best possible experience.

Reason why you work at ADBA?

"I’ve always had a keen interest in working in the environmental sector; working at ADBA has given me the chance to engage with the vital issues of climate change, clean air, renewable energy and waste management. I look forward to helping companies increase their revenue so the AD industry can reach its full potential."


Robert Zlokower, Marketing Manager – Membership

Robert supports membership recruitment and ongoing engagement activities, including communications and events organisation. He develops engaging marketing campaigns and upholds a strong interest in sustainability and circular economy innovation.

Reason why you work at ADBA?  

"To support the uptake of sustainability solutions, we need to build awareness. Technology isn’t the limit – diffusion is.  I am very excited to join ADBA in promoting the circular economy. Let’s spread the word."


Alyssa Thorp, Marketing Manager  – Events

As Marketing Manager for our events, Alyssa is responsible for developing and communicating the vision of our events by managing and delivering marketing activities focused on recruiting delegates, exhibitors and partners for UK AD and World Biogas Expo and the World Biogas Summit with the view to grow these events into the best in their field.

Reason why you work at ADBA?  

"It’s important to me that I work for an organisation that exists to promote more environmentally friendly, sustainable ways of living and doing business. The work that ADBA is involved in is so important and I’m proud to be contributing to it."


Jon Hughes, Editorial Manager

Jon is responsible for writing and editing AD & Bioresources News magazine. With a background in campaigning and environmental journalism, Jon’s role is to present AD as an industry-led solution to climate change and supplier of myriad other environmental services and economic benefits. 

Reason why you work at ADBA?  

"Primarily, to make a practical difference. Here is a technology that can tackle the root causes of climate change, deliver additional benefits such as soil restoration and be an economic winner for the UK; we have first-mover advantage in terms of operational skills and key technology that is much in demand globally. This is the kind of greening of the economy we need, both practical and purposeful, and I’m delighted to be able to help the industry present its case in the best light."


Greville Southgate, Conference Producer and Programme Manager


Greville is responsible for developing content at the UK AD & World Biogas Expo and other ADBA and WBA events. This includes researching and identifying the best topics for events and coordinating the relevant steering groups that help determine and guide the event focus. He is part of the team that secures top quality speakers and the most dynamic and relevant presenters for the main summit and all five Expo Zones. 

He is also currently developing a new programme of Training and Learning & Development events that will address a range of issues affecting the industry, operators and existing and potential developers of AD plants and Biogas systems.

Reason why you work at ADBA?  

"To be part of such an excellent team."


Sam Hinton, Technical Support Manager


Sam's career has followed on from his MSc at Newcastle University in Renewable Energy, Enterprise and Management. Previous to this, he took a year away from education to gain industry experience by participating in two internships. The first was a geophysical study of Ireland followed by working in Beijing's green technology field. His experiences to date have culminated in him progressing into the anaerobic digestion industry that draws together his previous work, education and family farming experience.

Reason why you work at ADBA?  

"This role at ADBA provides me with the chance to drive best practice in the industry and create a robust green economy by actively engaging with Operators and Regulators."


Jon Harrison, External Affairs Manager   

Working closely with ADBA’s policy team, Jon leads the organisation’s lobbying work with politicians in Westminster, Whitehall and the devolved nations. This involves meeting with and corresponding with MPs, ministers and their advisers, responding to parliamentary enquiries and monitoring developments in government policy.

Jon has 5 years’ experience working in trade associations and several years previously working in Parliament on policy development.  He has a track record of successfully campaigning for changes to legislation and changes to the regulatory environment.

Reason why you work at ADBA?  

"To promote the many advantages that AD can bring to our rural economy, helping us become a more sustainable country." 


Rebecca Thompson, Senior Policy Manager

Rebecca has 4 years of experience working as a government economist, developing evidence, briefing material and policy advice. Rebecca joined ADBA following a MSc in Development Economics at the School of Oriental and African Studies, where she further developed her interest in sustainability. Rebecca now leads ADBA’s work with industry, government and regulators to bring about positive legislative and regulatory change to grow the AD industry, collaborating closely with members to represent the industry’s voice. This includes responding to government consultations and formulating position papers. She also supports members on RHI and FIT eligibility, as well as promoting biomethane as a transport fuel.

Reason why you work at ADBA?

"I want to use my knowledge of the policy process to build a more sustainable future, based on a circular economy model in which our resources are fully utilised. Climate change is the issue of our generation. I want to use my energy and skills to grow an industry that can help solve this challenge in an innovative way that supports our natural environment."


Cheryl Murdoch, Deputy Events Manager 


Cheryl is the Deputy Events Manager for ADBA’s event portfolio and organises member and non-member events. Her responsibilities are inclusive but not exhaustive of registration, delegate tracking, reporting, venue liaison, research and event guide production.  She also assists with the production of ADBA publications including the Members’ Directory and AD & Bioresources News. 

Reason why you work at ADBA?

"I joined ADBA to be part of an organisation that sits at the forefront of addressing resource issues like food waste. It’s nice to know I’m part of a passionate team of people who, like me, believe in the importance of the circular economy."  


Nicola Steele, Financial Controller

Nicola manages the financial resources of ADBA to delivery best value for its members.

Reason why you work at ADBA?

“I work at ADBA because I care about the environment and I want to play my part in reducing landfill and the resultant CO2 emissions that are so damaging to the future of our planet.”


Angela Knight, Finance Executive

Angela provides day-to-day accounting support to the business.

Reason why you work at ADBA?

"After 16 years of working in the financial services sector, I was keen to work in a different business area. I am passionate about preserving the environment for our future generations, so working at ADBA gives me the perfect combination of working for a not-for-profit organisation and being part of an organisation that is trying to make a difference to the environment."