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We asked our exhibitors about the equipment they'll be bringing to UK AD & Biogas 2015. Here are their responses.

ExTox Gasmess-Systeme GmbH

ExTox Gasmess-Systeme GmbH will be bringing its Bio-Compact and NH3 Stable gas measuring equipment. 


This is a compact system for the analysis of biogas:

  • Methane (CH4), Oxygen (O2) and Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S)
  • Sampling and conditioning of measured gas, transmitters and evaluation combined in one compact wall mounted housing. Process of measurement especially designed for biogas application.
  • Discontinuous measurement, 12 times per day
  • Indication of the latest measured value during flushing and air phases
  • 4…20 mA-outputs for CH4, O2, and H2S (only Bio-Compact-A)


NH3 Stable

Discontinuous measurement for monitoring the ammonia (NH3) concentration in animal barns including automatic flushing/filter system

  • Lifetime of NH3-Transmitter/Sensor > 1 year
  • Maintenance friendly
  • Installation inside the barn

Options of:

  • Measurement of Carbon dioxide (CO2)
  • Ambient air inside barn: temperature, relative humidity, absolute pressure
  • Switching between two measuring points


ExTox Gasmess-Systeme GmbH will be exhibiting on stand K411


At UK AD & Biogas, the University of Aarhus will be revealing important findings into biogas yields from a major study carried out at a farm-based AD plant in northern Denmark.

From 11am (until 11.55am) on 1 July at the Purple Seminar, the University’s Alastair James Ward will explain how Landia’s externally-mounted GasMix system significantly enhances gas yields by mixing the entire contents of a digester.

For founder ADBA members Landia, this is the first time that the leading pump and mixer manufacturer has been featured in a UK AD & Biogas seminar, with the company later offering a full copy of the eagerly awaited University Study at their B101 stand.

Compared to traditional, mechanical mixing, Landia state that GasMix offers quicker and cheaper installation, as well as low maintenance costs because all components are placed on the outside of the tank. There is also a far more efficient anaerobic process and therefore a much quicker gas production. 

Also presenting at the 11am ‘Operational Performance – Innovation & Process’ session are representatives from Schmack Biogas, Uponor and New Generation Biogas.

Landia will be exhibiting on stand B101


NETZSCH will be exhibiting its TORNADO® Rotary Lobe Pump.

For all liquid substrates NETZSCH TORNADO® self-priming, valve less positive displacement pumps are high performance and are optimally tailored to individual requirements. They are used for continuous and smooth conveyance of almost all media.

The pumps are primarily used with media that have the following features:

  • Easy Maintenance
  • Single Operator Maintenance
  • Small Footprint
  • Good Solids Handling
  • Energy Efficient

NETZSCH will be exhibiting on stand D501

UTS Biogas

UTS Biogas will be exhibiting its UTS Separator and Service Box.

UTS Separator

The UTS separator is a compact filter screw press for separating structured fibrous suspensions and sludges, such as slurry, fermentation residues, distiller’s wash and waste water. Our separators are also used in the paper and foodstuffs industries. The separator processes input material with dry solids contents of 0.5 to 15% and on average achieves dry contents from 25% to 35%, and depending on the use, even up to 50%.

Service Box

Biogas is produced in enclosed tanks, the fermenters. Depending on the substrate feed, pressure peaks may arise which have to be safely trapped. In addition, the mixer equipment located in the fermenter must be maintained at regular intervals – wherever possible, without interrupting or negatively affecting the biological process. The UTS Service-Box Pro was designed for these purposes, and we thereby guarantee an unbeaten availability of your gas plant. The technical innovations in the UTS Service-Box Pro reduce methane emissions, increase the operational periods of the biogas plant, and reduce maintenance time – so that as a biogas plant operator, you save money and time, and protect the environment! The UTS Service-Box, manufactured from stainless steel, can be used as a system solution for tanks with a foil or a concrete roof, and is protected by national and international patents.

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