Bidwells Agribusiness


What is your greatest strength & how does this help with what you do?

Bidwells is a firm that has a wide range of offerings.   The firm has specialists covering a range of areas that are relevant to putting up an AD plant from feasibility specialists to land Agents, planning, surveying, and experienced project managers.  Each field has individuals with direct and relevant experience in AD and we approach AD internally from a team perspective that regularly communicates across the project.

What are the decisions you find hardest to make & why?

Identifying when a project is simply not going to work in its current form is disappointing but if the economics do not work then you need to give the correct advice at the very first opportunity.  I generally find people appreciate an open and realistic approach.

What do you think the future of AD looks like? Give us the positives & the negatives.

I think the UK will benefit from wider adoption of Anaerobic Digestion across the country probably not to the level I think it needs but there is going to be more plants built across the UK over the coming years.  I hope we see a combination of both waste and crop fed plants and that once up and running crop plants may in time take on waste.

I believe there needs to be recognition by UK plc that energy crops are generally grown in a rotation, the opportunity cost of growing food especially in the current market places significant pressure on purpose grown crops to make a reasonable return, we will never see thousands of acres of contiguously planted maize in the UK and neither would I advocate that we should.  The use of some energy crops in a rotation can significantly help overcome persistent weeds such as black grass which has a negative impact on the tonnage of wheat produced per annum in the UK.

Tell us about ADBA - give us your top-line analysis.

ADBA lobbies for the industry and organises events that ensure that Anaerobic Digestion is more prominent both in Westminster and across the country.  Events such as UK AD & Biogas, held at the NEC every year are critical to the future of the industry.  ADBA provides an excellent way for us to pool our thoughts, expertise and concerns and channel them to the key stakeholders, decision makers and parliamentarians.