Clarke Energy


What are you most passionate about? What motivates you?

I get great pleasure from travelling and seeing how different countries and cultures tackle the requirements for sustainable energy supplies, whether via the application of anaerobic digestion for the production of renewable power in the UK, France, India and Australia, or the utilisation of low-carbon, clean-burning natural gas in Nigeria for captive power plants.

What do you think the future of AD looks like? Give us the positives and the negatives.

Anaerobic digestion will play a significant contribution to the world’s future global energy mix. Challenges in the UK relate to the current focus on lowest capital cost solution rather than through life costs of the anaerobic digestion plant, which was also the case in the early days of the UK landfill industry. As the industry matures and knowledge grows we believe this will also change and the focus on quality will gain in importance.

Tell us about ADBA - give us your top-line analysis.

The establishment of ADBA as a dedicated professional group to raise the technology’s profile has been invaluable for the industry. The importance of the ADBA tradeshow has grown and it now sets the standard for anaerobic digestion and biogas in the UK.

Where would you like to see ADBA in five years time?

We would like to see ADBA setting out the method of delivery for the proposed target of 1,100 anaerobic digestion facilities by 2020.