Kirk Environmental


Why are you so passionate about AD?

I have been involved in the water industry for over 20 years, where AD has long been used as a way of treating sludge and generating energy for local use, so the idea of building a reliable AD network for all organic waste in the UK was such a logical step to make. The fact that AD also helps to massively reduce landfill is a benefit that most other renewables just don’t have.

What do you think the future of AD looks like? Give us the positives and the negatives.

I think the future for the AD market in the UK is very positive. However, it has a long way to go to achieve its full potential. Only by building many more successful plants and sharing these experiences with those who are just starting on their journey will we be able to achieve the true potential this industry has.

Why did you want to found ADBA?

We saw the potential size of this industry and wanted to ensure that the industry as a whole benefited from the experiences of companies that had already been involved in the construction of AD plants; we also wanted to guarantee that technical specifications, long term performance and most importantly the safety of the plants were being delivered to the highest possible standards.

What has been your proudest achievement since you started working with ADBA?

It was probably sitting in a meeting room in the House of Lords in early 2009 when the first meeting of the founder members was held. We could sense that we had assembled people who were passionate about the industry and had the necessary drive and commitment to get ADBA off the ground with enough momentum to make a difference.