How would you describe yourself personally and professionally?

Dedicated to the world of biogas, I class myself as a committed player in the future development of the industry and the protection of the industry. With over twenty years of personal experience, the company and I are well placed to help develop this relatively young AD market.

What do you think the future of AD looks like? Give us the positives and the negatives.

The UK market is a little frustrating and unlike our European colleagues who appear to be just pushing ahead. They have the government behind them offering realistic revenues, relaxed planning and commitment to the industry, while here it is one issue after another. Sometimes the people in charge seem to not understand biogas plants and how they work.

Tell us about ADBA - give us your top-line analysis.

We would never have invested in ADBA or any other association if we did not believe that there was a need for such an association. ADBA is a totally dedicated group with the interests of the industry at heart.

What has been your proudest achievement since you started working with ADBA?

Being a founder member, and a founder director of the board – and being involved in the first dedicated UK biogas show was the icing on the cake.