How would you describe yourself personally and professionally?

Enthusiastic first of all, although some would say impatient. I get very frustrated with anything that does not work as well as it should and am rarely happy to leave things as they are. It has been said about me that I cannot help myself from tweaking and it is true that I always think that something can be done better.

Why are you so passionate about AD?

I came into the industry almost by accident after studying Mining and Mineral processing at university for seven years. Whilst not overly glamorous, AD is a continually developing field and as a technology it is also genuinely beneficial to society, offering an all-round solution for recycling organic material and generating sustainable energy. Very few technologies can claim the same thing.

Tell us about ADBA – give us your top-line analysis.

Working with ADBA is certainly interesting. The team is very enthusiastic, full of energy and always give the impression that they want to do everything at once. From a standing start to achieving the success that they have in 3 years is incredibly impressive.

Why did you want to found ADBA?

Monsal as a business got involved with ADBA at the start because we perceived a great risk to the industry from inexperienced entrants into the market. Someone I respect very much once described the waste AD market as the Wild West, and ADBA was the vehicle to bring some order to the chaos.