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Members Directory


Biogas JG

Gemeynte 33 Hoogerheide

Primary Category


Products & Services

FeSfix is a unique iron oxide compound (FeO and Fe2O3) with trace elements (Co, Ni, Cu, Mn, Zn, B, V, Al) that enhances the methanogenesis and that captures the H2S in the fermentate. The iron in the product captures the sulphur and thus improves the quality of the biogas, and ensures that trace elements in the product are available for the methanogenic bacteria, which improves the methane yield. The desulphurisation will improve the lifetime of the CHP’s oil and/or reduce downstream biogas cleaning costs in case of gas-to-grid. The sulphur will be captured in the digestate which increases the digestate’s nutritious value. FeSfix is a nano powder that can be easily added to an AD with the solid feed and does not need any special requirements to handle.


BiogasJG B.V. is a Dutch limited company having as objective to improve the biogas economics of their customers by providing a unique desulphurization additive, which not only contains 50% Fe, but also comprises trace elements which improve the methanogenesis, while removing H2S. This young company is powered by just two engineers dedicating their life, next to their day job to bring innovation to the biogas industry in order to keep it competitive with its changing and challenging environment.