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Gemeynte 33 Hoogerheide

Primary Category


Products & Services

Our main product, FeSfix, is a nano powder based on iron oxide (FeO and Fe2O3) and contains valuable trace elements. The iron oxide reacts with hydrogen sulphide (H2S) in the digestate during the process of anaerobic fermentation. The trace elements are nutrients for the microorganisms that will increase their yield on methane. On top of the trace elements that are naturally in our product, BiogasJG can also supply some of the commonly used trace elements, which are not already in FeSfix, and also enzymes in order to provide a one-stop-shop for biogas producers.

With FeSfix-G, our latest product, we recently started offering an alternative for active carbon as desulphurisation medium in filters. FeSfix-G is based on our regular FeSfix and can be supplied in different particle sizes to fit any active carbon size or form. FeSfix-G can be used as fertiliser and doesn’t need regeneration, incineration or disposal via land fill.


BiogasJG B.V. has been established in 2014 as a limited company in The Netherlands. The company supports biogas producers in managing their desulphurisation process and improving their methane production. BiogasJG supplies additives that can be supplied directly into the digester as well as products that can desulfurize the biogas as an end-of-pipe solution. With the support of their partner laboratory in Slovakia, biological analysis can be done, and advice can be provided to improve the biological process in order to increase the methane production.

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