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Members Directory



Suite 50, Grovewood Business Centre, Wren Court, Strathclyde Business Park Bellshill
Lanarkshire ML4 3NQ

Primary Category

Instrumentation, Monitoring and Control Manufacturers/Suppliers

Products & Services

Eaton MTL GIR6000 Biogas Analyser

The Modular sensor design is an innovative feature of the MTL GIR6000. Self-diagnostics on each sensor provides important preventative data, minimising regular service and maintenance. Replacement is quick and done on-site, without special tools or training and the modules are pre-configured to allow “plug-and-play” installation. All modules are replaceable in the field for minimum downtime.

MTL G1010 oxygen analysers

Numerous applications in processes requiring the precise measurement of oxygen level. In ppm or % levels, safe areas or hazardous ones, in various process conditions and in differing backgrounds there is a G1010 configuration right for your needs. Options include a choice of outputs, AC or DC versions, alternative oxygen cells or sample conditioning. The sensor may be mounted remotely in the hazardous area and safely connected via an MTL zener barrier to the electronics unit in the safe area. Alternatively the electronics unit can be supplied in an EExd enclosure.


BW Technology are a fully collaborative sales representation and customer service organisation with a focus on electronic, electromechanical components and gas detection instruments.

BW Technology are the sole representative and distributor of Eaton MTL Gas Products (former Hitech Instruments). The G1010 Oxygen Analyser and GIR6000 Biogas analyser are designed specifically to address the needs of measurement in biogas applications where reliable and accurate measurement data is crucial to help control and optimise the production process.