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Members Directory


FGS Organics

Stanford Bridge Farm, Station Road, Pluckley Ashford
Kent TN27 0RU
01233 820055

Primary Category

Waste/Recycling Industry

Products & Services

FGS Organics work with our valued clients to offer a variety of services to the AD industry, including:

  • Digestate removal and recycling of both PAS110QP and 'waste' status products
  • Returning digestate back to land
  • Location identification of on-farm and waste AD sites
  • Transport and haulage of digestate
  • Fuel crop grower contracts and agreements
  • Feedstock supply
  • Mobile equipment hire
  • Renewable energy & technical consultancy
  • Civil engineering


FGS Organics specialise in recycling organic materials back to agriculture including digestate, compost, bio solids and industrial by-products. We work with AD operators to recycle the outputs from a variety of systems, producing a dry and a liquid product which can be recycled to agriculture.

We provide sustainable recycling solutions to the industry for AD outputs. We offer our clients a complete package for the recycling of whole and separated fractions from both liquid and solid systems across the country, with compliance being one of our major priorities.