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Members Directory


LTS Systems Ltd

6 Faroe, Gotts Road, Leeds,
Yorkshire LS12 1DF
0113 2448156

Primary Category

AD equipment or plant supplier

Products & Services

  • Tanks
  • Pipework
  • Steelwork
  • Gantrys


LTS Systems Ltd. was established to supply turn-key solutions for the anaerobic digestion, waste water, potable water & industrial processing industries. Providing anaerobic digestion tanks, gas accumulator tanks, storage tanks, as well as silos  using Lipp System’s (Germany) unique dual-seam tank technology. With over 40 years of development & innovations, and over 800 plants and 13,000 tanks installed worldwide.

The Lipp Dual-Seam System allows leak proof tanks to be constructed onsite for containment of solid, liquid and gaseous substances, they make the ideal start for an anaerobic digestion (AD) plant storage and digester system: steel bands are folded over twice at their edges, interconnecting them so that even aggressive liquids in the container’s interior find no attackable surfaces for corrosion and maximum impermeability is achieved.

The tanks and containers are manufactured from metallic materials, using stainless steel skin inside and structural galvanised steel on the outside, separated by a sealing layer, which are matched to the chemical and physical properties of the respective contents which are to be stored and treated.

They are characterised by outstanding quality. Due to their extreme stability, even the largest containers are resistant to horizontal pressure, meaning maximum safety is ensured. The effective means against premature corrosion: an edgeless, smooth surface on the interior. Another specific benefit: the size of the containers is variable between three and more than 40 metres in diameter.
We also offer associated pipwork ,structural steel work for gantrys, ladders and pipe supports.