How do you upgrade the world’s top-selling biogas upgraders?


Greenlane introduces an innovations package to reduce lifecycle cost

The world’s most widely installed type of biogas upgraders - the Greenlane water-wash range - has undergone a series of upgrades itself, designed to improve access, while reducing installation and commissioning times. All the key process equipment is now inside the main modular housing, so reducing its exposure to weathering.

The latest product developments apply to all but the smallest model in the range and offer cost savings to the customer through extensive factory testing - and consequentially reduced site work.

By redesigning the configuration with a separate electrical enclosure, the switchgear installation can be independently scheduled from the main process construction, with limited crossover activity required.

This change allows additional space in the main enclosure for operators to access the compressor, the process water pump and the gas drier. This also improves ease of maintenance. Gauges and instruments can be more clearly seen.

Externally, operators will now have better access to the system chiller and the whole package of upgrades is aimed at reducing lifecycle costs by improved maintainability. The proven water scrubbing method at the heart of the process remains unchanged in all respects.

The Greenlane® upgraders are installed on over 70 sites worldwide and are supplied in the UK and Ireland by the sole licensee and technology partner, Chesterfield BioGas Ltd (CBG).

The process has been developed over the last 20 years and some sites have been operating successfully for more than a decade, particularly in Scandinavia, Germany, Canada and the Far East and including what is currently the world’s largest biogas upgrading plant (by gas throughput volume) at Guestrow in Germany.

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