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ADBA has four working groups covering every aspect of the anaerobic digestion and biogas industry. They are the principal mechanism for ADBA’s policy development, and give members a chance to have their say, contribute to decisions for the industry and discuss matters of common concern with other businesses.

Each working group has been set up to be more than just a talking shop: they have specific work and projects, which aim to achieve useful outcomes for the anaerobic digestion industry. They also contribute to ADBA’s response to consultations and other requests for information from government, which gives them a key role in forming policy and ensuring that the voice of our members and the AD industry is heard.

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Biomethane to Grid

The Biomethane to Grid WG works on the barriers to biogas upgrade for injecting biomethane into the gas grid. This includes current gas grid specification for biomethane injection and proposed changes, and the wider regulatory framework (with DECC, Ofgem and HSE). The Group will also work on assessment of biogas upgrade technologies, best practice for upgrading biogas to biomethane and issues surrounding the sale of injected biomethane and the Renewable Heat Incentive. Representatives from DECC’s RHI team have also attended meetings, allowing members the opportunity to directly influence future changes to how the RHI will support biomethane injection.

Chair: Stephen McCulloch, Chesterfield Biogas

Training, Safety and Environment Management Working Group

The Training, Safety and Environment Management WG acts on all aspects of health and safety and training for AD. This has included work with CIWM and EU Skills, both of whom send representatives to the group’s meetings, to develop a training matrix for future needs for the industry. Draft decision trees for training provision and competences are being developed and will commence a review to identify the need for developing accredited training programmes to cover induction, underpinning knowledge and skills training. The HSE are also part of the group, and update members on their latest developments, as well as answering questions.

Chair: David Woolgar, Biogen


The Transport WG aims to bring together the key stakeholders – and potential stakeholders – in the upgrade of biogas from AD to biomethane for vehicles. This includes Local Authorities, vehicle manufacturers and commercial organisations. The development of gas refuelling infrastructure is a key issue for the group, with the group playing a central role in the Defra-funded construction of a database of gas refuelling infrastructure which Greenwich Council is leading. It leads the development of ADBA’s strategic vision for biomethane in transport, and supports the Association’s lobbying for policy change to support this sector.

Chair: Andrew Whittles, Low Emission Strategies

Water sector

The Water Sector Working Groups aims to bring together experts in the sector to discuss, and form policy positions on, the key developments taking place in the water sector. Current areas of focus include OfWat proposals to deregulate the treatment of sludge, the potential for co-digestion of sludge and food waste, RHI changes and the closure of the RO. 

Chair: David Tompkins, Aqua Enviro

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