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Are you interested in finding out if anaerobic digestion (AD) is right for your farming business?

We are now offering an improved dedicated advice service through our consultant members to help farmers and landowners decide whether AD is right for you and offer you all the support, advice, information and contacts you need to help get your AD project to the finish line.

Why on-farm AD?

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So what do we offer?

1) Assessing your farm’s AD potential

1. Free initial consultation and advice note from an expert AD consultant

We offer a free half hour telephone consultation with one of our panel of expert consultants. Simply complete our online form. Once submitted you will then be contacted by one of our ADBA’s member consultants within 48 hours. At the end of the consultation you will receive a short advice note detailing your AD options.

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2. Free site visit with expert AD consultant

If the consultant has identified your business may be suitable for AD then they will recommend they carry out a site visit. All ADBA Farmers’ Consultancy Service consultants will offer this service for free.
If the site visit is successful and your farming business has been assessed as viable for an AD project then our consultants will recommend that you carry out an initial scoping study as part of an ADBA Business Plan Package.

3. Free assessment for WRAP business plan grant

Our consultants can assess whether you will be eligible to apply for a WRAP on-farm AD fund grant and support you in putting together your application.

2) ADBA Scoping Study and Business Plan Package *NEW*

If you choose to progress your AD project with one of ADBA’s member consultants then ADBA can offer a special business plan package. This includes the following:

ADBA Scoping Study and Business Plan Package

a. Free consultation and site visit with a financial consultant

Before carrying out your full scoping study and business plan it is important to make an initial assessment of your funding options to provide guidance for developing your business plan. Our consultants will put you in touch with ADBA’s financial consultant Compass Renewables who can offer an initial free consultation to assess your AD funding options.

b. Detailed scoping study

In addition to your site visit our consultants will carry out a detailed scoping study to ensure your business is suitable for an AD project.

c. Develop your business plan

Once our consultants are happy the project is feasible, via the initial scoping study, they will then develop a full business plan for your AD project to meet funding requirements.

d. Free ADBA membership

As part of your scoping package you will receive free ADBA membership up until 30 September 2014. ADBA membership will give you access to a host of services to support you in every stage of your AD project including resources such as The Practical Guide to AD, weekly member updates with the latest industry news and information, policy, regulatory and technical advice and access to our farmer networks, members meetings and working and operator groups.

Rates for the full package from £9,500 ex VAT


3) Secure finance for your AD project *NEW*

Once you have a fully developed business plan our consultants will recommend you contact ADBA’s financial consultant Compass Renewables to help you secure finance for your project. If you have already developed your own business plan, then you can also simply get in touch with Compass directly, skipping the previous steps. Their team can help edit your plan for individual lenders’ needs, support and communicate with you throughout the process, review any formal funding offers, help you to evaluate the mix of funding required or match the most suitable lender to your particular AD project including projects suitable for the WRAP on-farm AD loan fund.

Contact Compass Renewables now

T: 01732 464495 (Head Office) E:


4) A partner on your side - ADBA membership

ADBA membership will support you in every stage of building and operating your AD plant. Whether you are looking for planning or grid connection support, access to technology and equipment suppliers or access to expert advice and information we have the tools to help you with your AD project. ADBA membership is a free benefit as part of our business plan development support, however if have already developed your own, ADBA membership can support you on your way to getting your AD plant up and running.

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Annual membership is £250 ex VAT for farmers, landowners or farm combines or free with an ADBA business plan package.

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Why use our Farmers’ Consultancy Service?

Our team of consultants has been carefully selected by ADBA on the basis of their extensive AD experience and project success ensuring you receive the highest quality advice.

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To get find out how to secure finance for your project, please contact Compass Renewables: T: 01732 464495 (Head Office) E:

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Who are our consultants?

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Bruce Nelson, Compass Renewables, can also offer specific financial advice for farmers.