On-farm AD benefits

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How can anaerobic digestion (AD) support your farming business?

Farm-based AD presents an opportunity for UK farmers, growers and land managers to:

  • Create a new income stream for your business
  • Generate your own renewable energy
  • Produce your own renewable fertiliser
  • Reduce your greenhouse emissions

Climate smart farming

Treating waste such as slurries or vegetable off-cuts through AD produces a sustainable, stabilised biofertiliser with good nutrient availability, reducing the financial and carbon cost of fertilisers. AD can also offer a higher return for crops that complement agricultural rotations, creating profitable break and cover crops or bringing marginal land into use. All forms of AD produce a flexible, constantly generated renewable energy in biogas, which can either be used on farm to reduce reliance on costly fossil fuels, or sold as either electricity or gas under the government incentive schemes.

Is AD right for you? What might you need to consider?

  • Do you have enough organic waste / feedstock?
  • Is your location suitable?
  • Do you have any on-site energy demands?
  • Grid connection

The viability of AD for a particular business or site is a complex equation and so it is important that you get good quality initial advice to help you assess its feasibility. ADBA’s free Farmers’ Consultancy Service will give you this initial advice, helping you to find out if anaerobic digestion is right for your business.

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