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Call for papers: UK AD & Biogas 2014, R&D Hub

This is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness of your expertise and achievements to a high profile anaerobic digestion (AD) audience at the sector’s annual tradeshow and conference UK AD & Biogas 2014.

This year at UK AD& Biogas 2014 ADBA is adding a new feature area, the R&D Hub. Here we aim to highlight the value of R&D to AD businesses and also talk about exciting prospects for higher value products that could complement the AD process.

You are invited to submit a proposal to be presented at the R&D Hub that is either:

  • A case study that demonstrates how research and/or development has or could support an AD business.
  • A paper that investigates the production of higher value products from the AD process or a technology that complements the current AD process and comments (with evidence) on the potential of this technology to revolutionise the AD sector.

What is the R&D Hub?

The R&D Hub is a brand new show feature at this year’s UK AD & Biogas and will act as a focal point for visitors interested in exploring AD research and development. Featuring 1-2-1 advice clinics on finding funding for research and supporting commercialisation, informal presentations including case studies that demonstrate how and why R&D is good for business as well as dedicated networking sessions for AD operators and researchers.

What are we looking for?

Case studies: Are you an AD researcher that works with AD businesses to solve problems or improve plant efficiency?Or a business that has successfully partnered with a university or R&D business and has seen demonstrable improvements in AD plant performance, perhaps through increasing output, or reducing operational costs?

Papers: Are you a researcher or business that is working on a new technology that could be complementary to AD? For example making plastics from digestate or coupling with algae production?

If yes, then send your proposal to Rosaline Hulse, R&D Liaison Manager, ADBA, E:, or call 0203 176 5441 if you have any questions.

Deadline for submission is 14 May 2014

Word limit: 250 words

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