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The 2030 AD dream

By Richard Gueterbock, Director, Food Chains

Last year I had a dream that by 2030 we will witness a brighter role for biogas in a more circular economy.  Writing up this dream for ADBA, published in January 2021, I envisage a range of a gas fuel applications in Glasgow – 2021 host for the delayed COP26 Climate Change Conference.  Radical change is needed if we are to meet 2030 emissions targets.

My dream included a cast of long-term applications for biogas, not just as a source of clean heat. A vision of CBM/BioCNG busses, trucks and tractors in widespread use, plus fuel for beer delivery to pubs, barges hauling feedstock to green urban power stations and for urban mobility hubs. We cannot rely on battery power to replace fossil fuel in heavy haulage.

Nor can we afford to wait for green hydrogen. In 2021, we need radical policies to boost biogas use, including adoption ready solutions like replacing diesel with CBM for HGV fuel across heavy haulage.  We can supplement the expanding gas fuelling network linked to the gas grid with direct supply of CBM for HGVs on urban or rural roads and farm vehicles.

The biogas sector must embrace preparations for Glasgow’s COP26.  Producing food with minimal emissions has to extend beyond global brands to include multiple SME businesses across the food supply chain. A more circular economy requires re-engineered industrial processes and early replacement of diesel in heavy haulage across the foodchain.

The Government’s recent Energy White Paper sets out the challenge in decarbonising the future but lacks vision on short-term diesel replacement. Aspirations for a Green Recovery must include a brighter future for existing AD infrastructure after incentive payments expire. Biogas can fulfil its longer-term potential by meeting demand for decentralised energy supply for factories or rural communities and producing clean fuel for HGVs.


Richard’s 2030AD dream, published in the January edition of AD & Bioresources News, looks at life in 2030 Glasgow – host of the delayed November COP26 meeting. This vision of a brighter biogas future includes a few key policy recommendations.

Hear more about how we can deliver the dream at 10.30 on 16th February at ADBA’s National Conference. Click here to book your ticket.


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