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Brexit dominates the news in the UK, but for us the most important B word is Biomethane.

by David Hurren, CEO,  Air Liquide advanced Business & Technology UK

As we celebrate ADBA’s 10th anniversary and look forward to another 10 years of ADBA, we need to be giving voice to our ambitions for the sector and help the general public and policy makers understand that we can set ambitious targets to link in with reform on waste collections and in agriculture to deliver a brighter cleaner future.  

Over the past five years there has been significant change in the market (over 100 plants deployed in each of the French and UK markets now); in the rise in profile within our own global business, with renewable gas molecules of H2 and CH4 getting equal billing; and the growth of a UK team and business which will have nine production sites by the end of the year plus downstream delivery sites for both Industrial Heat and Vehicle refuelling in the UK.

I see exciting times ahead, which is why I am passionate about being involved in the debates at the ADBA National Conference in December. The production of renewable gas from waste organic sources is at the heart of the circular economy and part of future energy strategy.  Whilst #netzero is important we should not lose sight of the challenge of the 4th Carbon Budget to reduce UK CO2 emissions by a further 594 Million Tonnes. In five years that is adding a reduction equivalent to close to 40% of what we achieved in the prior 30 years!”

David will be speaking at the ADBA National Conference on 11th December 2019.   Register now!


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