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Net zero champions say biogas is key

Ahead of the ADBA National Conference 2019, themed, There’s No Net Zero Without Biogas, we’ve pulled out a piece from the current Autumn edition of AD and Bioresources News as an introduction to the UK Government’s Net Zero 2050 goal, while the ‘how’ will be addressed at the event on 11th December.

Net Zero Champions say Biogas is Key

Written by Karen Potter, Project Director, Sustainability Hub

In a bold move the UK recently became the first major economy to legislate for the reduction of
greenhouse gas emissions to net zero by 2050. This pioneering strategy will kickstart the UK’s green
revolution, bolstering jobs and firing up the low carbon economy, which is predicted to grow to £170
billion by 2030.

The 2050 net zero target provides an encouraging signal for businesses, especially those that have
endured difficult times with inconsistent and abrupt policy change, a volatile political landscape and Brexit uncertainty. Businesses understand the realities of delivering the change required to achieve this transition are enormous. Many are concerned the scale of the challenge, the timescales required, and the state of politics may present insurmountable obstacles.

As, too, are many parliamentarians, who recognise these challenges and concerns and are taking proactive steps to work with industries to develop a policy pathway to a net zero economy. These net zero champions believe that a cross-party approach, as successfully employed to deliver the Climate Change Act, is the way forward to develop strategy and workable solutions.

In June, Vision10 agreed to collaborate with MPs Simon Clarke and Alex Sobel to develop a new Net Zero All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG). This group will build on the momentum Mr Clarke and Mr Sobel created through their efforts to promote broad parliamentary support for net zero. In January, their letter to the Prime Minister urging policy action was signed by over 170 MPs and helped secure the 2050 target.

Vision10 is a collaborative cross-party forum working to shape policy on low carbon thinking and
priorities. Over the past year this forum has investigated the low carbon challenges confronting the UK.
The investigations sought net zero solutions to future energy use and supply, examined new and SMART
technologies, and explored the need to both accelerate and embed low carbon policies in the UK.

The Net Zero APPG and Vision 10 will campaign to promote the key findings and pledges in the resulting
“Making Zero Carbon Britain” publication, which will be launched in early November. The APPG will hold investigative enquiries and focused industry roundtables to explore and promote specific policy solutions across parties and localities, to make measurable and tangible impacts on Government strategy, planning and implementation, as well as to build a formidable group of MPs to front the effort.

Now is the time for business and politicians of all parties to come together and press for action. The Net
Zero APPG is seeking business support and engagement in this effort. For the past decade ADBA has been a driving force in the campaign to build a sustainable, circular economy and we hope that the anaerobic digestion and biogas industries, providers of key solutions and innovations leading to a cleaner waste and energy future, will get involved and support this initiative.

The many topics the APPG will be focusing on include the challenges of decarbonising heat, pushing for
clarity on bio-methane, addressing the obstacles to delivering electric vehicles at scale and promoting
greater local authority and council engagement; all fundamental to delivering net zero by 2050.

Hear more about how biogas is key to the Net Zero 2050 goal and how we achieve this at ADBA National Conference on 11th December in London.

See the programme and find delegate registration at 

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