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Eco2 are the UK’s leading renewable energy asset manager, with 15 years of experience in the bioenergy sector. Eco2’s services support all stages of your asset’s lifespan, from project development, to operational asset management, compliance, financial reporting, O&M and optimisation.

Whatever the technology, your asset will perform better with Eco2.

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Monostore, part of the Bio-Dynamics group, are specialists in the design and installation of circular, poured insitu, reinforced concrete tanks and digesters used within the renewable bio-energy, bio-methane, CO2, RNG sector.

With ability to design and install both traditional “flat digesters”, nominally 6 or 8 metres high, and CSTR industrial 1:1 ratio, with heights greater than 20m and volumes greater than 10,000m3.

Supplied with double membrane PVC gas roofs, cast insitu concrete or stainless-steel plate external beam type roofs, whichever meets your process or budget requirements.

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