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Is Biomethane the Future for HGVs, Buses and Tractors?

The transport sector offers tremendous opportunities for the AD industry

As UK cities continue to opt for biomethane buses to fulfil Clean Air Zone requirements, proposals in the recent Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO) consultation may stimulate further the uptake of biomethane as a vehicle fuel.

ADBA’s third Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Conference is the only event which brings together leaders in the AD industry with the transport sector, fuelling stations, fleet operators and local authorities to discuss the future of biomethane as a low-carbon transport fuel.

Register today to discover or exhibit the latest developments in transport fuels.

2017 Speakers include:

Biomethane and Gas Vehicle Talking Points:

biomethane low carbon

Decarbonisation: Biomethane can deliver an 80% GHG emission reduction – crucial for decarbonising the transport sector, which makes up 20% of total UK emissions.

biomethane transport

New Vehicles: 2017 has already seen the world’s biggest order for gas double-decker buses, and new HGVs, buses and municipal vehicles continue to come off the production line.

Biomethane fuels increased demand

Increased demand: The Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) reforms are set to more than double the demand for renewable fuels to 9.75%.

biofuels and anaerobic digestion for transport

More Biofuels: The introduction of new ‘development fuel’ sub-target RTFO reforms bring stability to the Renewable Transport Fuel Certificate market.

biomethane growth

Strong Growth: More than 80 AD plants already provide biomethane.

Who Will You Meet?

Transport officials from DfT

Leading gas vehicle manufacturers

Fleet operators

Bus operators

Transport fuel suppliers

Local authorities

AD operators AD developers
Biomethane upgrading professionals Innovators, researchers and academics
Fuelling infrastructure developers Gas certification companies
Farmers Tractors and non-road transport suppliers

Register Today and learn about:

  • Biomethane as a transport fuel and the role it can play in the Government’s Clean Air Strategy

  • RTFO reforms and how they will stimulate investment in biomethane production and grow the gas vehicle market

  • Volatility in Renewable Transport Fuel Certificates and how to build your business case by tackling this issue

  • New vehicles and technologies that are coming down the line, and the incoming advancements

  • Overcome vehicle-specific issues including:

    • New bus and municipal vehicles entering the market, which means more options and reduced costs for Local Authorities
    • Biogas upgrading into bio Compressed Natural Gas (BioCNG) or Liquid Biomethane (LBM), ensuring you can make the most out of your biomethane
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