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Keeping Northern Ireland’s Anaerobic Digestion Sector Energised

Northern Ireland is a world leader in Anaerobic Digestion

Northern Ireland has more Anaerobic Digestion plants per capita than England, Wales or Scotland with superb biogas market growth of over 2,000% in recent years. As a result, ADBA have set up the Northern Ireland National Conference to maintain growth and energise Northern Ireland’s Anaerobic Digestion Industry.

However, could those biogas plants be performing even better by taking advantage of the latest know-how and technologies available at ADBA’s inaugural Northern Ireland National Conference? Which brings the entire Northern Irish AD Industry together to share experiences, see the latest technologies and maximise revenues therefore growing the positive impact that Anaerobic Digestion has on the rural economy.

Additionally, there are new opportunities to explore, too, given the spotlight on Northern Ireland as a result of the general election and the additional support for agriculture outlined in the Government’s confidence and supply agreement.

The Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association Northern Ireland National Conference aims to support AD operators, feedstock providers and policy makers to ensure that the Northern Ireland rural economy prospers with improved renewable energy generation, so don’t delay and sign up for your pass here today.

2017 Speakers include:

Who Will You Meet?

This conference is for everyone with an interest in the Northern Ireland Anaerobic Digestion Market. The below are just some of the people in our community:

Operating AD PlantsCHP Plants Under Construction
Policy Makers and Government OfficialsFeedstock Providers
Energy Crop FarmersThe Entire AD Supply Chain
Associations and Industry BodiesFinanciers and Insurers
Universities and Research InstitutionsNon-Governmental Organisations

Register Today to discover how to:

  • Get more subsidy payments by ensuring that your digester is performing to its full potential
  • Maximise biogas yields derived from farm slurry, learn how to increase your energy production derived from farm waste
  • Learn how to improve your nutritional management of digestate to reduce your fertiliser costs
  • Stay updated with policy and regulatory changes in Northern Ireland, and ensure the longevity of your income
  • Discuss Ireland as an island – Brexit, the new government and trade between north and south – how will this impact the future of the industry in Northern Ireland?

Northern Irish AD Talking Points:

Investment Icon

Market Value: With a total biogas industry revenue of £28.5 mn/yr the Northern Ireland AD industry spends £6.8 mn annually

Growth Icon

Growth: The Northern Ireland AD Industry has had 24 new biogas plants commissioned since 2015


The Political Landscape: How will additional support for agriculture outlined in the Government’s confidence & supply agreement and Brexit impact Northern Ireland’s AD industry


Renewable power generation: With a total of 42 biogas plants, Northern Ireland’s AD sector is producing 22.8MWe of electricity each year


Focus on feedstock: Northern Ireland creates energy from 677,000 tonnes of feedstock per year & 88% of plants are using agricultural feedstocks

Regulation Icon

Industry potential: With the right support and improved operational performance, the Northern Ireland AD industry could be producing 28GWh extra electricity with £33 mn/yr in revenue, spending £55mn/yr and creating 475 jobs.

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If you have any questions regarding the event please do get in touch.


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