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Dorset Green Machines

Total solutions for processing organic waste streams

Dorset Green Machines develops and produces drying equipment for processing organic waste streams such as, sewage sludge, digestate, poultry manure, wood and others.

We specialize in valorizing waste heat by drying waste streams. The dry product is suited for energy production or as a fertilizer.

Drying and/or pelletizing results in:

  • Lower storage and transport costs;
  • Hygienization and reduced emissions/odours;
  • On site waste heat usage
  • New sales and utilization possibilities;

We provide a total solution/processing line, including:

  • Belt drying systems
  • Thickeners
  • Pelletizing equipment
  • Air cleaning equipment
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Edina is a leading supplier, installer and maintenance provider for biogas CHP (combined heat and power) plants in the Agricultural, Food Processing and Sewage Waste Water Treatment sectors, and is the sole distributor in the UK and Ireland for leading efficiency MWM manufactured gas engines.

MWM are world renowned for achieving maximum electrical and thermal efficiency, low operating and service costs and high reliability and availability.

As one of the founding members of ADBA, Edina continues to advocate the benefits of waste to energy and celebrates over 100MWe biogas installed since 2009.  Edina’s long term support for the Anaerobic Digestion (AD) industry was recognised and celebrated during the UK AD & Biogas Industry Awards 2015 winning an ‘ADBA Industry Ambassador’ award.

Manufactured in-house, Edina’s customised containerised options and bespoke control panel systems ensure precision design and high quality build as standard to meet customers bespoke technical requirements.

Offering smart ‘plug-and-play’ applications designed for economical and expedited installations, helping to reduce CO2 and minimise disruption on-site.  Edina’s skilled engineers provide 24/7 remote monitoring and local maintenance coverage, ensuring maximum plant productivity and energy efficiency all year round.

Edina’s complete turnkey contracts offer planning, configuration, installation and service; all from a single source, to suit customers CHP requirements.

With over 30 years’ experience providing bespoke energy solutions, Edina works closely with customers to understand and meet their requirements, from initial proposal to long term maintenance support.

For more information about Edina’s leading biogas CHP solutions, contact the team at:

T: +44 (0)161 432 8833  E:  W:


Genesis Distribution


Granville Ecopark Ltd

Granville Ecopark are currently the market leaders of N.Ireland and Ireland in the Anaerobic Digestion sector. Our process uses food waste (including packaged food) to produce Biogas for creating electricity generation and a Digestate that is added to composting and also spread on local land as an alternative to chemical fertiliser.

Granville EcoPark now have a sister company that cleans up the Biogas into a Biomethane fuel, which is transported throughout N.Ireland, fuelling gas turbines to create renewable electricity for our customers.

Granville Ecopark are championing the future of Biomethane fuelled vehicles in N.Ireland and currently fuel some of their own vehicles with the renewable fuel.

JOnes McGirr

Jones McGirr

Jones McGirr & Co Ltd was founded to provide a dedicated and professional service specialising in the supply and installation of geomembrane and geotextile linings for the agricultural sector – largely slurry and waste storage. Since then Jones McGirr & Co Ltd has grown and provides lining services for many different applications.

Our Services in Brief:

  • Supply and Installation of Linings for Earth Banked Digestate Lagoons
  • Supply and installation of covers for lagoons
  • Supply and Installation of Geomembrane and Geotextile Linings for the Agricultural Sector
  • Advice on site placement
  • Assistance with planning applications

Why Install A Lined Lagoon?

  • Guaranteed product life span of 20 years
  • Save money – cost effective solution
  • Turn key package available
  • Environment Agency/SEPA/NIEA compliant
  • Easily landscaped and unobtrusive to the eye

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Puregas Solutions

Puregas Solutions is a Swedish based company delivering highly efficient and reliable biogas upgrading solutions. Puregas has subsidiaries in the UK, Denmark, Germany and USA.

With over 20 years’ experience Puregas Solutions supplies Biogas Upgrading Plants. The  CApure upgrading process recovers 99.9% of the available methane from raw biogas, maximising biomethane yields and revenues with exceptionally low operational costs. Puregas provides fully integrated solutions for biogas upgrading and have over 30 plants already operating.

Our process recovers over 99.9% of the biomethane present in the raw biogas by separating the CO2 from the biogas through a process of chemical adsorption. The selective organic solvents used in this process are so efficient that the biomethane can contain more than 99% methane and is suitable for vehicle fuel or to be injected into the grid.

We can help you in your biomethane project, whether it be for grid injection, virtual pipeline or compression for CNG fuelling.

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SGN Commercial Services

With a significant track record in the biomethane gas to grid market, SGN Commercial Services is part of the SGN group which operates two of the UK’s largest gas networks. Since 2009, we’ve led the development of the UK’s first commercial biomethane plant at Poundbury and built and commissioned Scotland’s first biomethane development.

As well as grid entry for the UK’s largest biomethane development, we’ve continued to innovate by:

  • Designing, developing and constructing the country’s first gas blending and compressed biomethane injection facility
  • Developing biomethane virtual pipeline technology
  • Building and commissioning gas upgrader systems from many different suppliers
  • Continuing to grow understanding of integration and utilisation issues.

We’re ideally placed to grow our capacity in renewable developments, delivering low carbon solutions that secure a sustainable and brighter future for all.

For more information about the financial, operational and environmental benefits of partnering with us on your project, email us at:


Vogelsang Ireland Ltd

Vogelsang Ireland Ltd. was established in July 2013, as a complete subsidiary of Hugo Vogelsang Maschinenbau GmbH of Essen Oldenburg in northern Germany.  Partnering with biogas plant installers and end-users, Vogelsang Ireland develops and improves components that demonstrate their high performance with 27 installations throughout Ireland. In the interest of more efficient and economical biogas production, Vogelsang Ireland offers reliable products and individual solutions for pumping, macerating and feeding, as well as for preparing cosubstrates and biosuspensions. Further information on our progressive products and company contact details can be found at

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