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21st September 2021, ONLINE

As the pace-setter nation within the UK, Scotland has positioned itself as the incubator for solutions to climate change with advanced and pioneering roles for AD and biomethane.

Scotland is targeting net zero by 2045, five years ahead of the UK government target.

The nation has recently updated its climate change plan for the next decade, entitled Securing a Green Recovery on the Road to Net Zero.

Biomethane has an explicit role to play across the hard to decarbonise sectors heat, agriculture and transport.

The blueprint speaks to a fully decarbonised gas future, developing centralised AD for manure management, reducing and then recycling all food waste (from domestic and commercial sources) and using the full potential of biofuels to decarbonise transport logistics across HGVS, ferries and aviation.

The document says, “Our research into biofuels and hydrogen will have stimulated private investment and innovation.”

Get first mover advantage from a detailed analysis of Scotland’s Net Zero plans at ADBA’s Scottish Conference.

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