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Address 50 Ladbroke Grove
Postcode W11 2PA
Town London
Tel 020 3239 5390


AD developers and operators , Farm developer , Farm operator , Food waste developer , Food Waste Operator , Gas and/or Electricity Suppliers , Industrial treatment developer , Industrial treatment operator , Utilities

Products & Services


AcrEnergy is a developer and operator of bio energy plants.

We draw on over a decade of operating and maintaining plants to ensure reliable energy output and a continuous income stream for all stakeholders.

In partnership with the investors, feedstock suppliers and farmers  we develop, construct and operate the plants.

The plants make use of all types of organic material such as waste from food consumption (residential and commercial) and waste from farming (fruit, vegetable, crops and livestock). Other sources of feedstock include  break crops, compost and wood.

The residue from AcrEnergy’s plants – also referred to as digestate – is a fully integrated part of the development and operation as it determines the site’s location, the feedstock management, the plants’ design and the energy output/

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