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Air Liquide Advanced Technologies

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Address 2 rue Clemenciere
Postcode F-38360
Town BP 15
Fax +33 (4) 76 43 62 71
Tel +33 (4) 76 50 52 01


AD Equipment or Plant Supplier , Biogas Cleaning and Upgrading Equipment Manufacturers/Suppliers , Biogas Desulphurisation , Biogas Drying , Fertiliser Manufacturers/Suppliers , Membrane , Other

Products & Services

From in grid feeding and liquefaction of bio-CH4 up to bio-H2 production, Air Liquide Advanced Technologies has developed a technologies portfolio, among them the polymeric membranes for CO2 removal. The Air Liquide leading position aims to address a large range of biogas upgrading requirements.


Air Liquide Advanced Technologies specializes in gas engineering and cryogenics, brings global and valuable industrial biogas upgrading solutions.

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