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Aquapak Polymers Ltd

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Address Hollymoor Point, Hollymoor Way, Rubery, Birmingham
Postcode B31 5HE
Country United Kingdom
Tel +44 (0)121 516 5656


Waste/Recycling Industry


Aquapak’s polymers are non-toxic, marine-safe and soluble in warm or hot water.

Aquapak products such as Hydropol™ are specially engineered materials that can create a range of packaging products that are specially targeted to solve the problem of ‘single use’ plastic.

They allow users to maintain the primary functionality of their products whilst designing-in end-of-life recyclability, anaerobic digestion or compostability.

We produce stable resin pellets that are converted by our network of manufacturing partners using their existing machinery.

Our polymer pellets can be manufactured into a single-layer plastic film, extrusion coatings, laminations to paper or board and injection mouldings.

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