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MCC Process Technology Ltd

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Address 4 Soudley Lane
Tel 01234 860 018

Products & Services

Ultrasound disintegration systems
Biogas flow meters
Biogas analysers


MCC Process provides technical consulting services and supply innovative and high-tech products, specific to biogas applications.

Whether it is a new investment or an existing biogas plant, our goal is to help our customers by increasing their plant efficiency and helping them reduce their operation expenses.

MCC Process focuses on a new technology which enhances disintegration of substrates in anaerobic digester. This innovative technology called “ultrasound disintegration” uses ultrasound waves to disintegrate the substrate and this helps anaerobic digester to produce more biogas using the same amount of substrate or same amount of biogas using less substrate.

Biogas plants who are planning to switch to other types of feedstock can benefit from this technology too. Ultrasound disintegration successfully delivers results in processing low cost but difficult to digest feedstock as well.

Return-on-Investment for our ultrasound disintegration units are typically 3 years or less.

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