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Solutions House, Ripley Close, Normanton Industrial Estate Normanton
01924 311000

Primary Category

Waste/Recycling Industry

Products & Services

AD is a natural process in which microorganisms break down organic matter, in the absence of oxygen, into biogas (a mixture of carbon dioxide (CO2) and methane) and digestate (a nitrogen-rich fertiliser). The biogas can be used directly in engines for Combined Heat and Power (CHP), burned to produce heat, or can be cleaned and used in the same way as natural gas or as a vehicle fuel.

In addition to generating energy, AD produces digestate which can be dewatered via mechanical means using Flopam cationic powders & emulsions. This is a valuable biofertiliser that can be used as a renewable source of critical resources such as nitrogen and phosphorus.

The Flofoam range of antifoams and defoamers can provide effective foam control in centrate lines.


SNF (UK) Limited, part of SNF Group, are the world’s leading manufacturer of water soluble polymers for sludge dewatering. We can offer a range of products and automated dosing systems that can be used in a variety of applications including solids liquid separation, odour control, colour removal, heavy metal removal, foam control and waste effluent treatment. Additional information can be found on our website

We have a long history of supplying our polymers and technical support to AD facilities within the municipal waste water industry in the UK and currently have a 65% market share. More recently we’ve become involved in the MBT/AD sector and are currently supplying our polymers, antifoam and technical expertise to a number of sites operated by the UK’s leading recycling, renewable energy and waste management companies.  

Our primary focus is high quality, low cost treatment, customer service and the introduction of new technology across the whole of the water & waste water treatment industry.