Posted in July 2020

It is time to understand AD, ADBA responds to Policy Connect report

Out of the 674 anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in the UK, just over 100 treat solely food waste, over three times as many treat agricultural wastes and 164 wastewater, while the rest treat a combination of different organic wastes. All are turning what we perceive as ‘waste’ organic material that would…

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ADBA calls for cap on revised Wobbe Index in IGEM consultation


*Members Only*

Informed by feedback from our members, ADBA has responded to the Institute of Gas Engineers and Managers’ (IGEM) recent consultation on their proposed changes to the Gas Safety (Management) Regulations, (GS(M)R). The changes aim to update the gas quality standard, originally designed in the 1970s to align…

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Tags: anaerobic digestion, biomethane, nick primmer, IGEM, gsmr, gas quality, specification, standard, gas quality standard, group h gases, igemtsp20084, consultation, ADBA

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