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MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – Flow control products suitable for the biogas market

MEMBER PRESS RELEASE – Flow control products suitable for the biogas market

The UK biogas market has been on a rollercoaster journey over the last decade. For many trying to generate power and income from the technology, this journey has not been a profitable one. A good number of potentially and theoretically viable installation projects fail to get the correct sustainable funding to even lay the foundations of a plant, let alone building structures to produce product.

Zoedale is a partner of some of the most innovative players in the UK marketplace. Our involvement has developed through close design collaboration and testing from supplying standard off-the-shelf rubber-lined wafer-style butterfly valves to manual lever, gearbox and actuated butterfly valves with resistance to the hardening effects of both landfill and biomethane gases – including harmful hydrogen sulphide.

We have just supplied, for example, assemblies to be incorporated into a new ground-breaking gas manifold supply/delivery scheme. These were the Valpes ATEX-rated electric actuators mounted and fully function-tested with 3-piece stainless steel ball valves, along with a package of both manual and automated butterfly valve and knife gate valves.

The Valpes quarter turn VRX/VSX actuator range used in the design, deliver from 25Nm to 300Nm in ATEX-rated aluminium housings. The VRX/VSX range combines simple on/off operation with options of internally mounted 4-20mA /0-10V modulation boards and fail-safe battery backup modules.

Valpes’ introduction of the Bluetooth and Modbus integration system provides an excellent local control device, with secure connection functionality. The integration system enables both check and program communication options and crucially, the communication system operates reliably whether the actuator is visible or concealed.

Servicing an installation with actuators equipped with the Bluetooth module is easy. Download the Valpes Application AXMART® and it only takes a few seconds to achieve, validate and perform function tests using your tablet or smartphone.

Maintenance operations are much easier as you can read operation records remotely from actuators. What’s more? You can assign up to 20 repeatable tasks to each actuator. It’s simple, cost-effective and you minimise risks.

The module is standard in MT and VT+ models and in special versions of the ER PLUS, VR and VS models. It can also be easily retrofitted in any multi-volt ER Plus, VR or VS manufactured since June 2010. It offers a range up to 15 meters when used in an open space.
The Valpes Bluetooth® AXMART® Application is free of charge and available on Google Play and Apple App Store for smartphones and tablets.

For further information, contact:

Andrew Jakeman – Head of Technical, Zoedale Ltd
Email:; Tel: +44 (0) 1234 832832

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