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Proof of concept grants up for grabs – AD Network

The AD Network has opened its Proof of Concept funding stream to applications, with a closing date of 27 February. 

Up to £60,000 can be applied for to demonstrate concepts in one of the “focus areas” the AD Network supports – these “focus areas” are to support the development of the AD industry and UK research in the area. They are 1) Biomolecular tools 2) The VFA factory: extraction, downstream processing and conversion 3) Optimisation of anaerobic digestion processes 4) Feedstock enhancements, novel feedstocks and new markets 5) Process integration & modelling and 6) Environmental interactions and societal challenges 

This guidance document is the best place to start if you are an academic or business considering applying. 

ADBA is a keen supporter of the Network and hopes it will add to the knowledge base of the sector and lead to new innovative products being developed that can add value to the industry. 

We also support R&D in the sector through our R&D Forum, which is being held this year at the University of Southampton and will bring together the brightest academic minds with the most forward-thinking in the industry to debate how R&D is benefitting the sector. See further details here.

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