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We initially set up our Feedstock Finder to response to fluctuations in supply and demand due to COVID-19. This networking tool now goes beyond the crisis so we can network any existing and potential anaerobic feedstock arisings with AD plants across the UK.

The feedstock finder is for:

  • food processors
  • industries
  • local authorities
  • food manufacturers
  • plant developers, operators, and farmers

Feedstocks could include food waste, farm waste, purpose grown crops and surplus energy crops.

Here’s how it works. Fill in the the “AD capacity form” or “Feedstock supplier form.” You can fill in these forms as many times as you need, especially if you have multiple AD plants or multiple available feedstocks. As we receive the data, ADBA networks feedstocks with our member operators in real-time. We’ll try to link locations as nearby as possible to reduce time and cost from logistics.

For more information, contact Josh Henthorn, Technical Support Manager at ADBA, at and +44 (0) 020 3176 5416.

AD capacity form

  • 1. Plant address (please fill-in one survey per plant if you have a portfolio)

  • If yes please skip to Question 8

  • 9. Please leave your contact details if you wish us to connect you with companies that have waste arisings.

Feedstock supplier form

  • 1.Feedstock Arising Address (please fill-in one survey per feedstock if you have multiple)

  • 5. Please leave your contact details so we can connect you with companies that have waste AD plants in your area

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