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Members Directory


CQA International

The Keele Centre, Three Mile Lane Keele
Staffordshire ST5 5HH

Primary Category


Products & Services

CQA International Ltd provide containment specific engineering solutions in line with the Environment Agency requirements for digestate storage in tanks and lagoons (CIRIA 736, SAFFO). We specialise in Design, Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) and validation of primary & secondary containment systems incorporating geosynthetic (geomembrane - HDPE, LLDPE and PolyPropylene) and mineral (clay) liners suc as digestiate tank liners, secondary containment liners, tank bund lining, storage clamp lining and lagoon lining. 

We can offer the following services: Advice at the pre-design stage, Containment system design, Construction management, Construction Quality Assurance (CQA), "Fit for Purpose" review of existing designs/plans, Assessment of installed systems, Regulatory negotiations (EA/SEPA/NRW), Environmental permitting assistance, Planning applications, Appeals and contractual claims, Hydrological and geotechnical reports, Environmental impact Assessments (EIA) and any other services pertinent to containment structures.


CQA International Ltd has provided specialist containment engineering for more than 30 years. Our staff have a breadth of engineering skills providing the technical expertise and practical ability necessary to understand and address our clients’ requirements and to consistently and solve their problems.

Our diverse experience includes the design and construction of lagoons and containment systems for mining infrastructure, waste management facilities, EU compliant landfills, energy and petrochemical projects.

We serve a wide range of clients including agri-businesses, waste management companies, mining companies, energy  producers, petrochemical companies, government bodies and funding partners, such as World Bank.

We’re proud of our highly personalised service which is valued highly by our clients.  Our senior team members oversee every project, spending our time to ensure that the brief is understood, the work is 100% focused on the issues and ensuring that the end result meets the necessary requirements.

Just some of the examples we have been involved with:

· Design and construction supervision of lagoons with capacities up to 300,000 cubic metres

· Design review of existing containment systems to identify and solve problems and to ensure compliance

· CQA design, monitoring and validation reports

· Addressing regulatory notices 

· Remediation of failures due to issues such as poor ground conditions or engineering problems

· Retrospective validation of containment systems

· Environmental monitoring

· Spill response and remediation

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