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ADBA's database tracks plants in operation and at the planning stage. We use the database to get an overview of the industry and analyse the market by:

  • Plants in construction and with planning permission submitted
  • Feedstock capacity (tonnes per annum/tpa)
  • Feedstock description
  • Companies involved in building and operating the plants (suppliers)
  • Year commissioned
  • Interactive search functions to help you navigate the map --> search by name & postcode, and filter by 'status' and 'tpa'.

Every effort is made to ensure this information is as up to date as possible, however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of all the data. We have only included the plants we are aware of, which may be significantly fewer than the actual number of plants in the pipeline.

We would like members, if possible, to review the data. Please feed back comments  and any additional information on current or pending plants. This would help improve the accuracy of our AD plant database.

E-mail our team of market and policy analysts at

Or call the team at 020 3735 8115.

It's also helpful to look at ADBA's "Map of active plants in the UK,"Map of active AD plants in the UK which is an interactive visualisation of plant type, plant capacity and feedstock sector (type).

Watch our video overview of how to use our AD plant database.

To see our database, click on the file below...

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