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ADBA is asking our members to provide us with digestate analysis data. As a trade association data is priceless and this data will support: policy development, regulatory changes, industry enquiries, best practice, and benchmarking for our member operators.

Credit: Agrivert

Over the last few months, we have received 25 separate analysis results from members for whole digestate, separated fibre, separated and dried fibre, and separated liquor. All the results we are provided with are anonymized once you have received your benchmarked comparison. The results are starting to showing some interesting, and positive, results that differ from various guidance documents including The Nutrient Management Guide’s (RB209) Section 2 on organic materials highlights.

However, the more data we have the better. We can then ensure we have a robust data set that we can draw conclusions from. So, to provide an analysis and receive a bench marking comparison against the average results received please contact Josh Henthorne. If you are interested in ADBA benchmarking other aspects of the industry also mention these.

Credit: Muntons
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