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ADBA has a direct-line to the AD market, tracking key industry performance indicators such as the number, capacity, feedstock and type (biomethane, electricity, and heat-only) of AD plants in operation and in the pipeline.

Our network of experts produce bespoke guides and our members document their success stories in case studies.

Map of Active AD Plants in the UK

This map – compiled using planning, BDS, BEIS and general information – gives details on plant type, plant capacity and feedstock sector (type).

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Database of Active and Planned AD Plants in the UK

We track developments including capacity, feedstock, energy type, project suppliers and other details.

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Digestate Analysis

ADBA are asking members to provide us with digestate analysis data. As a trade association data is priceless and this data will support: policy development, regulatory changes, industry enquiries, best practice, and benchmarking for our member operators.

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Market and Policy Reports

Our team gives comprehensive analysis of the state of the anaerobic digestion market and projections for future growth, including barriers and opportunities. We explain the policy support on offer, how this has recently changed or is expected to change in the near future, as well as what ADBA is working on to help the industry get the support it needs going forward.

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Practical Guide to AD

The Practical Guide to AD is designed to guide you through every stage of your project. The new and updated guide has been comprehensively reviewed by leading experts and now reflects current industry practice and changes to regulations and government policy and schemes. The second edition of the guide has now been published and is available to download (free for ADBA members) or purchase.

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Guidance on Sustainable Bioenergy Crops

Biogas from the anaerobic digestion of crops is an efficient form of bioenergy, and it delivers additional benefits to farming, the environment and biodiversity.

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Guidance for Government

Government can give the industry a major boost by providing consistent and stable support for AD with a long term vision of its potential, and by recognising AD’s importance to waste management, the farming sector and energy generation.

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Guidance for Local Authorities

Understand how your operations compare to the rest of the sector and identify areas in which you may need to improve. The survey results will enable you to set strategic goals across your organisation. Ultimately, the aim is to inspire best practice so you can optimise your plant’s performance and increase your revenues.

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Case Studies

A collection of case studies demonstrating different projects, technologies and treatments of AD and its co-products.

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